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I came across this beautiful Danish home and loved the calming, light-filled atmosphere it exhibits. Textile artist Mia-Louise lives with her husband and their two sons in this 130 square meter apartment. And one thing that really struck me in her home is the use of the same color, this lovely aqua blue hue throughout the space. It unifies the flat from room to room, and I must admit I would never have thought of using the same color over and over purposely for consistency. I love this idea. Well, I actually love everything in Mia-Louise’s space to be honest – spacial crush on her office space and the wall moodboard…

What’s your favorite room in Mia-Louise’s home?

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Photography Martin Solyst for Homelife
Photography Martin Solyst for Homelife

5 thoughts on “Visit | At home with Mia-Louise + 3

    1. I’m talking about the same hue of blue found on different walls on this home, the living area, the bedroom or even the vintage desk chair in the office… Xx-

  1. The bedroom is to say it..ready for hop into the bed and enjoy that relaxing interior ^_^

    I have a question..what all people on pinterest have with that poster with batman girl? =-O I am seeing it on every second photo..just asking =)

    Nice friyay ^_^

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