Pretty Nails for Fall

I love to paint my nails dark during fall and winter months, and I’m always looking for new mani ideas and shades. This winter, I’ll stick to my favorite hues : grays and black, but I’m loving the reverse french mani with dark tips [pic 3] or the minimal geometric mani [pic 4].

Which one is your favorite? Do you have a go-to color nail color for winter months?

Vogue Espana | Iolandapujol | Le Fashion Vintage | Love by Lucy
Vogue Espana | Iolandapujol | Le Fashion Image | Love by Lucy

4 thoughts on “Pretty Nails for Fall

  1. I love going darker… I kinda wear black on repeat. But I do love the oxblood and grey’s. I usually save super red for December…. Unless we’re talking toes, and then all bets are off=)

  2. I’m usually some sort of black, grey, or deep red. Essie’s Wicked is a nice color when going with the reds but I love to keep them black and occassionally take a gold sharpie to the tips.

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