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Halloween is just around the corner. My daughters have been raiding thrift stores for the perfect custom made outfit – when you’re a teen, buying a new ready-to-wear Halloween outfit is not ‘swag’, I was told. This year, we’ll have a hippie and the hit singer Lorde in the house {if they allow me to take a picture, I’ll share on Instagram, I promise!}

I love the spirit of Halloween here in the US. Kids ringing your door bell, dressed from princesses or pop singers to not-so-scary monsters or cute zombies, asking for candy treats. People are more laid back, friendly, you get to speak with random strangers because everyone is in the mood for candies – Although my good friend Linda taught me the recipe of vodka marinated gummy bears, and got me a lot more excited about the whole Halloween celebration!

Photography Radostina- Styling by me
Photography by Radostina – Styling by me

So I compiled some links about Halloween celebration that I’ve bookmarked this past few weeks and thought I’d share this inspiration with you:

Wishing you a happy and safe Halloween celebration! Are you dressing up this year? Any fun plans? 


8 thoughts on “Halloween inspiration

    1. They don’t really dress fancy here either Jessica for Halloween. They dress scary as well. Fancy outfits are more of a Thanksgiving tradition.

  1. Our California culture is so greatly influenced by the Mexican culture and the celebration of Dia de Muertos. I love that your daughter is dressing up as Lordes! Did you know that KFOG has banned her song, Royals, from being played here in San Francisco while the Giants duke it out with The Kansas City Royals in the World Series. Haha!! Perfect timing :)

    1. No way! I did not know that! And it will be my first Halloween in California, can’t wait to see the cultural twist! Have a sweet day Yvonne!

  2. I just love how you guys get in the Halloween spirit. Unfortunately, celebrating Halloween still isn’t that common in Belgium although there’s a Halloween fair in my new hometown.

    I do decorate for the holiday and we just visited Disneyland Paris for Halloween, but I still have a Halloween costume party on my bucket list.

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful Halloween ideas!

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