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Welcome to the wonderful creative world of Johanna Tagada, a French artist based in Berlin. In this apartment filled with good karma, Johanna lives with her companion and the apartment also serves as her studio. An interdisciplinary artist, abstract painter and traveler, Johanna has filled her apartment with her drawings and paintings, plants and a bohemian mix of furniture. This place is filled with love and good vibes, can you tell?

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Photo Sources : Freunde von Freunden and Editions Doa
Photo Sources :  Freunde Von Freunden and Editions Doa

4 thoughts on “Visit | At home with Johanna Tagada

  1. This home has so much charm and personality. The good vibes you mention translate right through the computer screen – thanks so much for sharing!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

  2. It has some kind of magic, I like it..and the clothes rack/rail in bedroom..we have the same ^_^, and still playing with the colours of clothes and positions on’s fun and there is sooo many combinations =)

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