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I know what you’re thinking. Bras off, track pants on, weekend. Nope, track pants are becoming a thing, and the trend, started last winter and going strong this year again, is to wear them as city-wear, with a sprinkle of bad-ass attitude. Here are a few images of track pants styling that caught my eye. Would you wear track pants outside of the “lounge-wear” category? With heels? I may need some practice, but I like the idea a whole lot.

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7 thoughts on “Style | Track pants

  1. I love how the trend is styled in your post but I just can’t handle this trend! When will it end!

    1. Hahaha, I think it’s here to stay for a while Lena. I like the idea of being comfortable while stylish, but there is a fine line between comfort chic and lounge wear style. I am not getting used to be idea of track pants with heels yet though. It’s looking fab on these pictures, but just weird on me…

  2. Just gorgeous – I love this look – so wearable! I am living to wear heels again and loving that they can be dressed down with sweats!

    1. Yay to that! I think I need to get used to it. You know how it is, at first, you’re thinking, ‘no way, not for me’ and then, a few months later, it feels right. Any new trend is like that – at least for me {I swore I would never wear Birks’ a few years ago for example}. Sometimes, it takes some getting used to it. I’ve never been a heels-kinda-girl, but I love the feel of wearing them. Practice, practice… ;-)

  3. Come on ladies, who would have ever thought that showing our bra straps would become fashionable and acceptable. I love track pants worn in a stylish way (and dressed up with heels too as seen here). I’ve had a j.crew pair bought on sale for $20) for 5 years and although the style is not high heel worthy, I wear them in fall and spring with my blundstones for running errands, etc. It’s all about how you style them and nothing beats the comfort.

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