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Have you noticed more and more cowhide rugs in interior pictures, magazines and furniture catalogs lately? Natural cowhide rugs make a big come back this coming fall and I can’t complain: they offer a soft touch to a wooden floor, a cosy texture to the feet, mix very well with modern and vintage interiors, are super easy to clean and vacuum and have hypo-allergenic properties. I like natural and non-bleached cowhides : natural beige, off-white or all black are my favorite shades. Do you decorate with cowhide in your home? Which shade do you prefer?
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Here are a few of my favorites ones. I have a special crush on the silver spotted/ glittery one [pic D], so rock and roll chic!

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12 thoughts on “Trending | Cowhide Rugs

    1. I also agree about animal trophy decor, but why wouldn’t we use the hides? Humans are omnivores and I think it’s a great way to use the whole beast. To me it feels dishonorable to waste parts of the animal. Melanie

  1. Love the natural, beige color ones. So soft to the eye and classy in an interior like in the first picture! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Personally, since I grew up in the country, I’m liking its addition in an urban setting. As someone said earlier, since many of us are omnivores I’d rather see it used as leather/hides in decor or apparel/accessories as opposed to go to waste.

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