Favorite Pins : Something Blue

It’s time again to share my favorite pins with you. Lots of summer blue hues if you haven’t noticed… Blue is really hot this summer. Do you like this color in your interior?

I am loving this ‘Durrie’ floor sofa from Habitat, mixed with some mix-matched patterned pillow, it gives a laid back look to this interior. Knitted poufs from the ‘House’ collection by John Lewis. -via Heidi Lerkenfeldt

A few touches of blue in the vintage pendants and chairs instantly add a summer mood to the simple table. -via A Home Paper
Woah, what a floor! This colored concrete floor truly looks like an abstract painting. The rest of the room is kept uncluttered and minimalist to let the flooring do all the talking. Gorgeous, n’est-ce-pas? -via Designeur Life

I absolutely adore this kitchen with its gorgeous patchwork of backsplash tiles and simple custom made storage boxes painted in different shades of blues and greys, don’t you? -via Wit and Delight


4 thoughts on “Favorite Pins : Something Blue

  1. Blue is my go-to colour for my decor, I can’t get enough! That first image is stunning, such a great mix of shades.

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