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This is the beautiful, fresh and light filled home of Anne Ziegler, a trend, retail and brand consultant. After 10 years in New York City, Anne now lives in this 2-bedroom Laurel Canyon, CA home and fell in love with the high ceilings and architecture. “I am striving for a ‘less is more’ feeling so each purchase needs to really add something to the space” says Anne who needed a peaceful place to break from the overstimulation of her work life. What a gorgeous and peaceful space, don’t you think?

Aujourd’hui nous visitons la maison douce et lumineuse d’Anne Ziegler, une consultante en tendance, et scénographe. Après avoir vécu 10 ans à New York, Anne est tombée amoureuse des hauts plafonds et de l’architecture de ce bâtiment de Laurel Canyon, Californie. “Je suis dans un mode ‘moins c’est mieux’ alors chaque nouvel achat doit réellement apporter quelque chose à l’ensemble” dit Anne, qui a besoin d’un espace calme et reposant pour casser le rythme fou et sur-stimulant de son travail. Quel magnifique espace!

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11 thoughts on “Visit | At home with Anne Ziegler

  1. Totally agree, this space is beautiful and very peaceful. White is always calming. The rustic/natural additions have added warmth and dimension to the home. I love the French style natural wood, rattan chairs – they are such pretty features. I love the bright art work that is visually striking against the white. The wooden floors are gorgeous. A beautifully balanced home with the perfect mix of modern and old – super home :O)

  2. this is so lovely. Every single detail of this home is simply beautiful. I´ll try to steal ideas for my own home and shop ;-)

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