Kids Playrooms

I am currently researching some cool and original ideas for kids playrooms and couldn’t resist posting these awesome spaces to share them with you. I mean, yes, I’m passed the age of playroom, but I’d hang out in any of these an entire afternoon, wouldn’t you? Fun, colorful, but quirky and unexpected, these playrooms are uber-cool!

Sources and Photo Credits : Nicolas Matheus for Cote Sud – Sanna Matilda for Divaani Bloggit
Armelle HabibArmelle Habib for Inside Out

En pleine recherche d’inspiration “espace jeu” pour un projet, je n’ai pas pu résister à poster ces images pour les partager avec vous. Bon, on est d’accord, j’ai passé l’âge d’avoir ma chambre de jeu, mais je pourrais facilement passer tout un après midi dans chacune de ces pièces, pas vous? Marrants, ingénieux, surprenants, ces espaces-jeu sont vraiment ludiques!

7 thoughts on “Kids Playrooms

    1. Cool color combo, right? I especially like that the pieces of furniture of this room are not kids’ ones but adult ones repurposed for a kid area. Very cool. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I know, I may actually post the whole house tour because it’s so fun and colorful. Exactly what we all need after such a long winter. You too have a great weekend Deborah! Xx-

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