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Wishing you a very relaxing weekend, my dear. What are your plans? It’s so grey outside, I’m starting to get some serious winter blues. But grey can sometimes be very pretty too, so maybe I’ll go get a manicure and some pretty grey nails. Hope your weekend is a beautiful and fun-filled one. See you back here on Monday!
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Je vous souhaite un excellent weekend. Qu’avez vous prévu? Ici le temps est tout gris. Je commence à avoir le blues d’hiver. Mais le gris peut aussi être tellement joli, comme ici, sur ces photos. Je vais peut être aller me faire faire une manucure et de jolis ongles gris souris. J’espère que votre weekend sera rempli de belles choses, et je vous dis à lundi!

10 thoughts on “Oh, weekend | Greys

  1. ohhhh! I love that nail polish colour! It is 15 degrees here….cold and windy! I will cozy by the fire this evening! Errands tomorrow and some time with my Mom…

    Bon Weekend!

  2. Winter Blues and a bad cold. I’m trying to become healthy at the weekend … What an incredible, gray nail polish is that? XO Yna

  3. heart those lovely, lovely gray nails. Hopefully the January/February Blahs don’t get you down too much. embracing the gray may be the key. Je te souhaite un bon weekend.xxoo

  4. I want to go lie on that couch all day and for the rest of my life.

    An aside, your blog has been a wonderful aid in helping me pick up french again. I have an extremely low level on understanding (it’s been nearly 6 years since I’ve taken a class)but I love reading the french parts first and back tracking to see how far off I was. Maybe in a year I’ll be looking back to see how close I am! ;)

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