Paris pics

I know, I am late on posting my Paris trip pics, but this French flu bug hit me hard and I am barely recovering from it. So here is a selection of my Parisian moments… The highlights of my trip were a tour of Paris monuments and shop-hopping with my friend Claire in her shinny cherry red Vespa [priceless], a sunny Sunday five-hour-walk with my mom in the French capitale [keyword : sneakers], spending some good time with my dear friend Anne Marie who came to visit from Aix en Provence, Maison et Objets and discovering a couple of awesome shops [I will tell you more about it soon], meeting with two awesome ladies and fellow bloggers, Anna, whom I already knew from a previous trip, and Lau, who is just as fresh and spontaneous as her lovely blog. And of course, meeting with Paris, my all time secret lover…

Rue Vieille du Temple, where I was staying at

Hotel du louvre and Laduree, known for their delicious macarons

A typical Haussmann facade

French cop “Police Nationale” on roller blades

Artsy graffiti on the wall of a school
“At the new year, I will give away my old dreams”


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    1. Small world indeed! How cool! I love this street, so lively day or night! Extra bonus, my flat was above a French bakery so I was awakened every morning by the smell of freshly baked croissants. How better can life be?

  1. This is such a lovely neighborhood! I stayed here too in a teeny tiny but lovely apartment, owned by a Greek interior designer :)

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