Dar Kawa

Well, it’s that time of the year… when the excitement of winter with its cosy wool sweaters and nice leather boots is all gone, your skin is dry, your toes are bluish because they haven’t seen the sunlight for so long… I long for spring so bad… Don’t you? To top it off, I keep coming across pictures of sunny paradisiac spots. Like this one spotted on the latest edition of Cote Sud : Dar Kawa in Marrakech, Morocco. Arhh… take me there… What’s not to love about this place. Really.
Redesigned by Valerie Barkowski with the help of architect Quentin Wilbaux, Dar Kawa‘s style is all about simplicity and authenticity – and extra bonus, it’s located in Morocco, a place I call home… Blissful, truly…



All images via Dar Kawa and Cote Sud

12 thoughts on “Dar Kawa

  1. Je me suis toujours dis que pour nous 4 ca ferait un peu grand… mais si on y va ensemble et que Valérie s’y pointe ça peut le faire… let’s live our dreams…

  2. Can’t you feel the warmth? Thick, hot air and the cool tiles under barefeet. Mmmm… Yes, we’re dreaming of spring in Colorado, too. Even though we have sunny, beautiful days (and not rainy, gray dreary days), it’s still cold. We won’t see true spring until early April. Thanks for the summer breeze!

  3. Dar Kawa from Marrakech is calling …
    I have just discovered your post via a Facebook friend of mine.
    Thank you for all these nice and kind words.
    Here in Marrakech Côté Sud Magazine did not reach yet, so, we did not see the story on Dar Kawa.
    Sunny Regards from Red City,
    Valérie Barkowski

    1. Oh, how cool! Please have a Moroccan mint tea and a corne de gazelle for us next time you’re sitting in your dreamy patio and do say hello to the red city for us! Thank you so much for stopping by! Cheers, Si-

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