Make your own Christmas tree!

Ok, you love Christmas but not the needle falling tree. Neither are you ready for a Made in China plastic version. Or, maybe you want to add some Christmas touches around the house without having to get real Christmas trees in every room of the house. Well, look no more, these easy DIY options give you the Christmas spirit without the needles but with the full “oh la la” effect.


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16 thoughts on “Make your own Christmas tree!

  1. Ohhhhh Yeasssssss… I loooove!!! and it’s a pity I really don’t know which one I will take for Casalil… my kids will decide!! one per room??

  2. I loved your tree picks and they are all new for me. Wow!
    I am doing a xmas gifts and tree post but it is going to be store ones and DIY ones. May a use some of your picks.. And by coincidence my quote of today is the same you used today, mine is in a composition. I love it I also have it in my kids room. And again I love your blog, you are in my fav list.
    Joyux Decembre

  3. I’m definitely making this chalk Christmas tree on the weekend! I won’t be home for Christmas so I haven’t decorated, but my partner will be and I’m sure he will appreciate the little Christmas touch :)

  4. We do our cookie swap at Christmas tree, there are 12 of us, 6 dyed in the wool Southern Belles and 6 transplanted Yankees who are looking for their clapper…
    I always do Gingerbread cats…it’s sort of my thing…I enjoy coming by here…have had you on my side bar over at Holding Patterns for some time, just added you to my new blogs sidebar this week…

  5. I love your blog and specially this post – I was looking for some alternatives to the traditional christmas tree. I think I found it :) Thank you very much!

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