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I am getting ready to pack for my summer escape, some of it for work, lots of it for fun. After debating whether or not to put the blog on pause, and given the great feedback you gave me during and after my Parisian escapade, I have decided to “pack” the blog with me in my suitcases. This means that I will be blogging from Africa [Morocco to be precise] and Provence, Southern France, while I am away. Some posts might be regular interior design posts, but others will be journal entries of my trip abroad, recipes, or pics taken throughout my days. Don’t expect regular daily posts though, I will be on a part time blogging mode, and let’s cross fingers with me that the internet connection holly spirits are with us there.
I am so excited, and can’t wait to share with you bits of my trip to Africa and Europe! Have a great week my dear! More to come about this very soon, I promise! Xo, Si-

Collage realized with pictures from Marc Riboud, Norman Parkinson,
Eric Lafforgue, Eiknarf, Faraberries, A Happy Camper,
Truche, and my own pictures.

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  1. I´m so looking forward to hear what you think of Marocco. I was there ages ago and really loved it. If you need an assistent to carry your luggage during your holiday, give me a call!

  2. @petroleuses, un peu plus qu’un stop, j’y passe meme 2 semaines! Moi aussi j’adorerais qu’on se voit en vrai! J’essaies de t’envoyer un mail via ton blog. Biz!

  3. I’m so glad you decided to take us along! We lived in Morocco for three years prior to moving to Denmark, so it really has a special place in our hearts. Just last night we were talking about taking a trip back to visit our friends! Bon voyage!

  4. you ‘re lucky!
    i wish you very nice holidays,i’m sure you are going to come back with a lot,a lot of nice things from morocco !!i’m looking forward to see your pictures…
    bon voyage
    Sophie *

  5. Sounds like an amazing trip, have a lovely time, and look forward to seeing your travel posts. Your blog has been a great discovery.

  6. le Maroc et la Provence, un bon plan de voyage :) moi aussi je retournerais qques semaines en France pour les vacances, j’ai hâte, mais moi ce sera la Bretagne (températures légèrement plus froides, ahah!!)
    Je te souhaite de merveilleuses vacances!! xoxo

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