Packing for Morocco!

Oh, packing day, I am like a headless chicken around the house… I hate the pre-vacation mode… I make lists on post it notes that I can never seem to locate, the house is a mess, the kids expect me to do their suitcase, the dogs have that “you’re abandoning me” look on their face [no, no, I am not imagining, they really do] but I am also overwhelmingly excited. Tomorrow at the same time, I will be sitting on a plane over the ocean traveling to Morocco. I should not be complaining…
Happy friday my dear! Xo, Si-

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13 thoughts on “Packing for Morocco!

  1. Morocco!? Oh you lucky lady! My cousin has been there for 3 months and keeps sending me pictures (I posted a few the other day). She is having the time of her life! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Have an AMAZING time, and know that I’m insanely jealous haha

  2. haha… i know what it’s like packing in the last minute… but not with kids and dogs… :D take good care and have lots of fun and soak up lots of beauty.

  3. I went to Morocco last year and aboslutely loved it (despite being stuck in teh ash cloud and having to extend our stay but a week :-)
    Have a fantastic time!

  4. Oh Morocco is definitely worthy of all the pre-travel panic! It’s really magical, stunning, breathtaking! Don’t forget to get an extra (empty) suitcase with you to pack all your souk finds!!!
    Have a great time there! xoxo

  5. Have fun in morokko…! I´m back today from italy – and its soo cold at home here. like to come with you to morokko now… ;-)


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