Hello, my deer…

Oh la, la, this is not a coup de coeur, this is a real love affair! I stumbled upon this gorgeous concrete deer trophy – I’m usually not fond of taxidermic displays of deer skulls but this one is exactly what I would settle for. Better, I am ordering this deer for myself [birthday coming + mother’s day + good girl’s gift to self… do you follow me? ;-)].
Because you are deer to me – that was an easy one but I couldn’t pass it – I’ve even hunted the web for you to check where to buy it! 2 options : on this website, or directly through the designer, Lotta Rubum. But please be patient, this lovely deer is so popular in Scandinavia that it is currently out of stock and expected to ship out from the designer in 2-3 weeks. Happy shopping my deer!

Top and bottom set: Photos by Jessica @ Vita Villa Vila
Middle set : Photos via Gotlandsliv

15 thoughts on “Hello, my deer…

  1. I am not a fan of the taxidermy animals either but this is nothing like those. Love it !!


  2. My brother grew up with a stuffed deer’s head above his bed. Don’t ask! But these are terrific!

    xo Joanne

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