☀ Let the sunshine in! ☀

Yes, that’s the plan… Let the sunshine in any way possible, because it’s been a freaking long winter, and a wet spring so far. And what better color than a splash, a dash or a paint pot load of yellow to let the sun enter your home?

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Photo Magnus Anesund

Photo Carina Gran
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Photo Stellan Herner

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11 thoughts on “☀ Let the sunshine in! ☀

  1. Yellow is the new black. Clever. I had been going with the “White is the new black” motto. ;)
    Snowy snowy over here…the ground is covered in white! Where is spring? If anyone finds it, please send it my way!

  2. Thank you for this post! Yellow is my favorite favorite favorite color. See, I even had to say “favorite” three times, haha. Anyway. Lovely little collection of images!

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