Recycled Kitchen

No more “laboratory” kitchens, where everything is hidden in cabinets and top counters are empty, clinically sanitized… The trend is toward living kitchens, a place where food is an experiment, a test and trial fun moment, a gathering place… In Europe, we’ve always considered the kitchen as the heart of a home, and your kitchen should represent you, be unique, and not look like your neighbor’s kitchen…

Nowadays, the formal dining room is not the place your guests want to sample your home-made meal, they want to be part of the cooking experience, enjoy a glass of wine and chitchat with you while the meal is cooking… Mix and match old vintage finds, Ikea purchases, repurposed butcher blocks and modern finds to make your kitchen unique, and a place people will want to hang out and have a fun, relaxed moment…

via : Jordi Canosa Fotografo , Anna Kern Photography


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  1. can i ask if the first photo is in your home? is that a purchased wood burning “stove?” it’s amazing!

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