I Heart Chairs!

Remember when I told you that I had a thing with chairs? Well, it’s true… I love chairs. For me, they are not just a piece of furniture you seat in, they are art pieces. I don’t like to have a “set” of chairs, my thing is to mix and match chairs all around tables and places in the house.

These are chairs I absolutely die for… There are quite a few you’ll notice, and I hope I’ll live long enough and inherit a big castle one day so I can collect each and everyone of them. Then, I’ll sit everyday in one of them, and then, I can die peacefully – or be reincarnated… into a chair!

via : Anne Kern Photography, Design Within Reach, Knoll, Kartell


2 thoughts on “I Heart Chairs!

  1. Bonjour! Just discovered your blog via your etsy shop and love it! You officially have a new reader :)

  2. I agree ! And I recently created a blog about chairs :)
    En tout cas French By Design est dans mes favoris.
    A bientôt !

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