I ♡ weekend


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Wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend, Xo, Si-

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Inspiration from Ghent


Inspiration from Ghent | FrenchByDesign

I may be in Tokyo, but I wouldn’t mind a one way airplane ticket to Ghent. This house has the ideal white canvas and vibrant touches of colors, like this gorgeous curry colored sofa. I’m also quite fond of the concrete floors throughout the entire space. Source

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Today I’m loving


Today I'm loving : Eye Candy kitchen | FrenchByDesign

It’s been a while, a long while, since my last “Today I’m loving” post, where I share one pic that really caught my attention. I think I’ll be posting more of these eye candy inspiration pictures again to share with you. So today, I’m loving, and loving a whole lot, this kitchen. If you read…

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More of Morabito


More of J. Morabito | FrenchByDesign

Every time I spot an interior design project handled by Jacqueline Morabito, my heart skips a bit. This renovation in the South of France is no different, and the master has clearly put her unique signature here : calming white tones, organic textures and this oh-so-french easy going but refined aesthetics. Gorgeous! Source : Côté…

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Off to Japan | French By Design

Hello readers, I’m on my way to Tokyo today. Of course, needless to say that I’m beyond excited to discover this city. I’ll be away for a bit more than a week, but I prepared some posts in advance for you while I’m gone. If you are interested in my trip, you might want to…

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