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My new hair


My new hair | FrenchByDesign

Drum roll, please! I cut my hair a couple of weeks ago, and I wanted to show you my new face! I’ve been debating for a few months about changing my hair. I’d been sporting a shoulder-length bob for a few years now, and I was in need of a change to fit the new…

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Quote of the day : Jane Birkin


Do you remember when I used to post quotes every Wednesday back in the days? I’d like to start sharing some good ones again, what do you think? This quote stopped me on my tracks while reading the latest Harper’s Bazaar issue on a plane ride to LA. The piece is called Ageless Style and…

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A new beginning


A new beginning | FrenchByDesign

I’m getting a bit more personal than usual today, so please, brace for impact. Last year, something shifted in me and in my blogging journey. I was living one of the most amazing experiences of my life during the making of How the French Live, knocking on strangers’ homes whom I had connected only through…

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A serene bedroom


A serene bedroom - French By Design

Oh hey there… How was your week? I’ve been busy as a bee working on many projects for the upcoming blog update, learning all the insiders tricks about newsletter making, and even taking some online classes, so my head is about to explode right now, but I love this feeling of going back to school…

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